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The Rocnet modular safety net is installed between permanent or temporary support as aerial coverage to protect miners from falls of ground. Rocnets are constructed of galvanised steel cable with an added secondary corrosion protection layer. The patented “Zero” overlap modular construction of the Rocnet system results in a 20% reduction in cost when compared to standard netting with a 300mm overlap. The Rocnet can be suspended from permanent support elongates, roof bolts or temporary mechanical or hydraulic jacks.

rocnet - MSP

Advantages of Modular system – “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” – 1,5m x 1,5m – 150mm apertures

    • Easy to transport (Separate bags easy to handle and transport)
    • Easy to install and tension (No issues with handling big nets)
    • Extend in any direction though “Rocnet” connectors
    • Limited Waste
    • No overlapping required (saving of 20% compared to other systems)
    • Replace only damaged section vs replacement of whole net
    • Only one stock item – Simple Logistics

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